There is a comfort in absolutes. A sureness, a universal truth.

We can also lie to ourselves about absolutes. We Hhhhhmmmmmmm convincingly program our minds to look for supporting evidence for our beliefs. Defining a belief as a thought we keep telling ourselves, we can see how easy it is to assign absolutes to our own beliefs.

Here’s the thing about absolutes, they will be tested. We are presented with the opportunity to challenge our beliefs each day. We make a million little choices to double down on our beliefs.


Hustle is out. Alignment is in.

Hustle comes from a place of lack. From a place of proving your worth with hard work. You don’t have to prove your worth. You are worthy of abundance. It is your birthright.

The part of this process where we might lose some interest is in the clearing of space for the alignment. The clearing happens when we heal.

Healing our lack wounds is paramount to allowing the energy of abundance to flow to and through us. These wounds are different for everyone and sometimes hard to


My life is a practice. A continuous application of intentional momentum.

That shit is exhausting. And also liberating. And dark. And funny, belly laugh funny. And hard. And easy.

It is everything.

I used to practice chaos. I was busy trying to survive in a reality I perceived as being driven by lack.

Healing is a daily practice. Yoga is a daily practice. Integration of tools is a daily practice. It is all a practice.

And sometimes, I fail. Epic fails. I get down on myself.

And then I remember who the fuck I am. I align with my true self. I remember my mission is to feel good.

And I practice.

Boundaries, loving and enforced boundaries, are a focus for me during this cycle of my remembering. I invite in the opportunity to learn about boundaries and the Universe responded.

I have been going to the same nail technician for twelve years. I have known her and enjoyed her work for longer than I have been a mother. She is a dear person and I enjoy spending the hour with her every two weeks. We have wonderful conversations and in another life might have been very good friends.

For the last ten weeks, she has been late for every appointment. My time was not being honored. I was experiencing irritation and frustration for a service I pay for. A year ago, I would have continued to participate in the relationship. I would have dealt with this frustration by venting to everyone else and continuing to allow this person to dishonor my time. I would have avoid conflict and change at all costs.

Today, I released the attachment to the idea of lack. The belief I had that there could only be one person for one job because I’m so particular. Today, I stood in strength, not allowing an issue to fester and boil until

The Merry Season!

This time of year is my favorite. The holidays, the gathering. The sense of goodness. I love it all!

This year, I have made some changes. I have a list going with dates and things to be done. It has been delightful. I’m ready and on track to reach my goal of having Christmas done by December 15th.